b_porter (b_porter) wrote in the_planet,

At the Nursery Window

*looking in on the babies, sleeping and fussing, but focusing in on the incubator in the back with the uv lamp*
*whispers to self* I will do my best to be there for you. To take care of you, and to never break your heart. You are my life now*
*The RN sees staring, comes outside* "Would you like to see her*

Yes, they rushed her out so quickly to incubate her.
*Goes inside the nursery*
*the RN lifts Darelyn out of the incubator and places her gently in Bette's arms*
*sitting in a rocking chair*
Hey there little girl. Welcome, we've been waiting for you, no one more than me.
*Darelyn sucks on her fist and nuzzles into Bette's chest*
I love you so much *kisses the fuzz on the top of her head* I wish you did not have to be born during so much pain.
*a single tear falls onto Darelyn's head causing her to fuss but then hiccup and is fine again*

*sits there rocking to look up and see one of the girls staring through the window*
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