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Invites for the housewarming and babyshower

Okay Ladies. Consider this your invitation to our housewarming party this friday night.

I know you all have nothing better to do than come to our new home with gifts for Tina and I *Winks* It starts around 7 or 8 when everyone gets out of work, and goes on until we all pass out from exhaustion. We'll have salad, and chicken wings, soda and water..the regular stuff. Bring your own beer or wine since we don't have that stuff in the house right now.

And if you don't show up, Tina and I will hunt you down and tape you to the wall where you're naked and we throw cold water ballons at you filled with chocolate pudding.

The baby shower will be on the 6th. Next wednesday. Noonish at the planet. Kit is letting us use the meeting room in the back, wish is awesome. Since Tina isn't sure if the baby is a boy or girl yet, gifts should be unisex.

I look forward to seeing everyone on friday.

R.S.V.P here.
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