Al (a_pieszecki) wrote in the_planet,

Still The Baby Shower

*Walks out and gets to the street, pulls out my cell and dials Shane, gets into my Mini and heads to the store. Shane doesn't pick up so I leave a message*

"Hey Shane, it's Alice, was just calling to see if you were going to come to the baby shower, I'm out running for ice, I haven't heard from Jenny or Carmen either, if you see them let them know okay? I guess I'll talk to you later, hope you show girl, miss you"

*Hangs up as I'm pulling into the store parking lot, calls Lacey as I walk in, leaves another message*

"Hey Lace, haven't seen you in awhile and I wanted to make sure you were still coming to the shower. Call me or just come on by the house, I think we gave you directions."

*Gets the ice, pays for it, and heads back out to the car.* Oh crap...what should I get for Tina?

*Looks around to see what other shops are near and walks across the street to the jewelry store. Comes out with a small package and heads back to the apartment.* I hope she likes this.

*Heads back inside, and notices that Bette is still sitting in the hallway* I didn't even notice her before. I'd say something, but I know she doesn't want to hear anything from me.

*Looks around to see if anyone else has arrived. Walks up to Tina who is talking with Dana, whispers again in her ear*

I got you something while I was out babe, once everyone leaves I'll give it to you, since it's not shower related. You look really sexy in that top, I wish we were back in bed.
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*Sucks in a deep, startled breath at the sensual feeling of Al's breath in my ear. Turns to her slightly.*

*whispers* I wish we were too...
*Rests my hands against your hips, slipping them under your shirt just so I can feel your skin, the warmth of you. I lean in and kiss your neck softly.*

I love you