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The Planet

Where it all comes together

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This is the community for The L Word rpg.

This is where it all comes together. Coffee house, meeting place. Congregational area.

Mods are t_kennard and a_pieszecki


Non-character journals won't be added as members to the community, but you can still watch it if you wish.

To be accepted into this community your character must have at least 1 entry, and must be a character from showtimes The L Word.

This Community is where the 'acting out' takes place. Each new scene is a new post in the community. Personal Journals are for character entries/thoughts/how they think the day went..Etc.

And remember that these storylines may not follow along with the television show.

Also, if you're character doesn't post regularly, you can be replaced after a month of no activity. When you hit 3 weeks we'll send you a message (If we can) and at 4 weeks the role will be up for grabs.

If you have questions/comments or have an idea just leave an OOC message.

Mark OOC (out of character) with either ((these)) or [[These]] that way we know. OOC should be kept behind an Lj-cut.

Communities that tie in with this.

You must make a new journal for the character, and their picture needs to be your user icon.

Characters that are taken
Alice Pieszecki = a_pieszecki
Tina Kennard = t_kennard
Shane McCutcheon = shane_mcutcheon
Bette Porter = b_porter
Candace Jewel = candace_jewel
Carmen = c_de_la_pica
Lacey = laceysheart
Tonya = tonyafairbanks
Kit Porter = kit_porter
Jenny Schecter = shy_jenny
Ivan Aycock = ivan_aycock
Marina Ferrer = marina__
Helena Peabody = helena_peabody
Lara Perkins = la_soupchef

Characters still open
Joyce Wischnia
Tim Haspel
Slim Daddy

If they were in an episode of The L Word, they are playable.